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If you thought 2020 has been a challenging year, you might want to get ready for 2021!

Our Challenges

B2B buying behavior has grown even more unpredictable due to COVID-19 and market
volatility. Over the next five years we will see an exponential rise in digital interactions
between buyers and suppliers that will break traditional sales models.

Research shows that customers perceive little distinct value from sales reps. You do no
longer provide value with talking about the USP’s of your products and services. Millennials,
the first digital natives, are now decision makers and are far more skeptical of sales reps
than their predecessors.

Sales reps will no longer be seen as a source of information, because our clients will find
their own way in a rich virtual buying experience. Sales reps need to assist the client in
value the information they have found, it’s a digital partnership in the buying process.

Our Solution

Are you ready to increase the efficiency of your sales activities? Do you want to respond
optimally to the changing needs and behavior of your clients? Would you like to learn how
to use LinkedIn as an accelerator for your Lead Generation and grow your business?

Our Social Selling Challenge is an exclusive program with 5 online meetings of 1 hour each.
Full of proven tactics, tips, strategies and best practices. Pragmatic and easy to implement,
regardless of the size of your company, industry or target audience.

Provided by global Social Selling expert Richard van der Blom, based on the success of
more than 600 companies he trained and advised. The best investment to boost your
business in a fast and sustainable way!

For only € 297 (excl. VAT) or $ 375 you can participate in our Social Selling Challenge. What to
expect? How about:

  • 5 unique LinkedIn courses of 1 hour (live and / or via recording).
  • Valuable checklists, E-Books and in-depth articles
  • A Q&A session for all your questions (approx. 1 month after the last session).
  • Access to our exclusive LinkedIn Community to stay in touch with other participants and Richard.

Why This Challenge?

Be ready to engage the “everywhere customer”! Support your Clients in Their Decision Making process


Cold calling is dead

Social Selling in a Remote way is your gateway to more leads and satisfied clients and ambassadors.


Trusted Knowledge

Provided by global Social Selling expert Richard van der Blom, based on best practices from over 600 companies.

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Anytime, Anywhere

Follow this courses live or via recordings and at the same time get access to our knowledge community.


5 Mondays (16.00h – 17.00h CET)


Account managers, Sales managers, Entrepreneurs, (Digital) Marketing & Communication Profesionals, Sales Enablement, Start-ups, Recruiters and all people that want to grow their business in a professional and authentic way.


All sessions will be provided live through Zoom. We have a maximum of 50 participants. If you miss a session, we will send you the recordings. There will be extensive aftercare with a LinkedIn Community and e-books, checklists and articles for you to grasp.

The courses

course 1

Kick-off / Create a Killer Magnet Profile

After the brief explanation of all the gold you are going to get in this challenge, we will start with offering you 30(!) must have strategic profile elements. Do you want a LinkedIn profile that attracts clients like honey to a bee? That expresses your expertise and authority? That convinces visitors that you are the right match for their challenges? Buckle up and get ready to rumble. We are all experts, aren’t we? Customer recommendations make our business grow 4x faster. Learn all about the importance of endorsements, getting recommendations you never dared to dream of, the power of client cases and converting ambassadors on LinkedIn.

Kick-off / Create a Killer Magnet Profile

2 lessons - 1 hour

course 2

Embracing your Target Audience

Who is the right contact person? Who belongs to the Decision Making Unit (DMU)? Who can influence the decision to do business with you? Learn everything about smart Boolean Searches, about identifying those contacts that bring you another step closer to your goal. After we have identified the target group, we start our research. What content do they post as an individual, as a company? What content do they respond to? Who is the “postman” in the company? What’s relevant and useful information on their website? We analyze, prioritize and choose the best time to strike.

Embracing your Target Audience

2 lessons - 1 hour

course 3

Making impact with your Content

Learn how to build a content creation framework, to produce effective content on a consistent basis. Identify, create and re-use content that both your buyers and search engines will love. Become a stronger, trustworthy and strategic partner for your clients. In 65% of the buyer decisions supplier content plays a decisive role. Furthermore the modern buyer expects from the sales rep new insights and consistent added value throughout the process. We will show you how easy it is to create engaging content, to adapt your strategy to the LinkedIn algorithm and how to significantly increase both your reach and engagement.

Making impact with your Content

2 lessons - 1 hour
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course 4

Contact, Connect, Convert

Nobody could deny that successfully reaching out to clients is of the utmost importance for any business. For decades, company owners and their sales teams have relied on their monopoly on knowledge and cold calling methods. The game has changed. In this course, we will guide you through the process of contacting your prospect, connect from the heart in an authentic way and convert them to leads and appointments. Nothing pushy! How? By using our proven methods, like our “3-Step method”, “5x5 Strategy” and multichannel approach. Reach up to 20% conversion from newly made connections, sales has never been so much fun!

Contact, Connect, Convert

2 lessons - 1 hour
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course 5

The future of Social Selling

Sales Navigator, tools and technologies, KPI’s and Big Data. They are all part of the future of Social Selling. In companies, Marketing, Sales, the Board, HR actually all employees can play an important role in adapting new successful sales routines. In this course, we will teach you some additional Digital Networking and Social Selling tips and hacks to outstand the crowd. How to influence the LinkedIn Search engines, how to become and stay top-of-mind of your peer network. Besides from that we will give you insights about how Sales Navigator can boost your lead generation and provide you with priceless insights and relevant client information. We will show you the benefits of working with Lead & Account Lists, Smartlinks combined with converting non-pushy InMails.

The future of Social Selling

2 lessons - 1
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course 6

Q&A Session

After you have followed 5 courses packed with new insights, tips and strategies we know you will need some time. Time to implement, to improve and to execute your new way of working. Four weeks after completing the challenge, there will be an online Q&A session for all the participants. You will be given the opportunity to send in your questions in advance and during this session we will provide all the answers. Making sure that you’ll get the most out of this challenge. For you, and of course for your business and clients.

Q&A Session

1 session - 1 hour
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I Am Richard

With over 20 years of B2B Sales experience I have been providing LinkedIn & Social Selling training since 2009. I helped build and grow over 600(!) companies worldwide to leverage the power of LinkedIn for long-term sales and marketing results.

In the constantly changing field of (Digital) Sales, it’s my mission to provide entrepreneurs and sales reps with the skills, competences and attitude to master the buying process and challenges of their clients.

Having trained over 45.000 people in more than 15 countries, I can provide distinctive insights, strategies and tips from all the best practices and successes my clients realized.

International keynote speaker, inspirational advisor and above all “crazy about sales”.

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For only € 297 (excl. VAT) or $ 375  you can participate in our Social Selling Challenge.

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